Monday, February 23, 2009

RFC Newsletter #102

July.1, 2008 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Did you know, President Abraham Lincoln deeply fearing that the republic could collapse with the Civil War, turned to God for help? President Lincoln, in a proclamation on March 30, 1863, declared a day of prayer and fasting. “It is the duty of nations, as well as of men,” he wrote, “to owe their dependence upon the overruling power of God … and to recognize the sublime truth, announced in the Holy Scriptures and proven by all history that those nations only are blessed whose God is the Lord. … We have been the recipients of the choicest bounties of heaven. We have been preserved, these many years, in peace and prosperity. We have grown in numbers, wealth and power as no other nation ever has grown, but we have forgotten God. We have forgotten the gracious Hand which preserved us in peace, and multiplied and enriched and strengthened us; and we have vainly imagined, in the deceitfulness of our hearts, that all these blessings were produced by some superior wisdom and virtue of our own.”
As the acceleration of sin in our nation increases, and God is continually rejected, this truth of which President Lincoln spoke is certainly as real as and seemingly more tangible today than at any previous time in America’s history.
For the past fifty years my generation has cried out for World Peace, but this peace has continued to elude us at an ever increasing rate. With the rise of world wide terrorism and the ongoing incidents of war and conflict through out the globe, there is only one real, genuine and true hope available in these dark days. At this time, sadly, it is a hope that is realized by very few, rejected and denied by far too many. Whether you choose to believe this or not, only the Bible, the very living Word of God, alone holds the truth, which reveals that this hope lies only in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Why is it that most people do not want to consider that there will be consequences for their sin? There was a young lady who I had shared the visions of the coming destruction of America through a nuclear attack with, she spoke up saying her god was a good and loving god and she was certain that he would not allow this to happen to America. I told her that she most likely was right that her god would not allow this, because her god was not the One True God and that she was breaking the first and second Commandments making a god that fulfilled her image of god. I said maybe your god has limits, but I assure you that the One True God is a Good and Loving God, who will judge the unrighteous.

I believe the darkest day in America’s history was not the beginning of the Civil War, nor the beginning of WW I or WW II, but it was Monday, January 22, 1973 when the United States Supreme Court Justices gave their approval of the Roe vs. Wade abortion Bill. The bill allowed America to begin killing their very own sons and daughters and this has brought about the slaughter of approximately 50 million babies in the past 35 years. It was written in Time magazine, that the 9-11 attack was the deadliest attack in all of American history. I believe that statement was a lie straight from hell, when you look at an average of over 4,000 babies being attacked and murdered every day.
Many a woman has said, “No one is going to tell me what to do with my body.” And; or, “It is just a glob of tissue.” The human body consists of billions of individual cells. The human cell consist of 46 chromosomes, 23 furnished by the Mother and 23 by the Father; thus giving this life in the womb a totally different cell structure or DNA than that of the Mother or Father.
As I stood in front of the Fetus display at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago in August, 1992, THE HOLY SPIRIT spoke to me: “This was life at one time… Man called this life, ‘A fetus…. God called this, ‘Life at conception’.” People; Do you understand what I am saying? As I stood before this display weeping over the precious gifts from God, which were sealed in several jars before me, The Holy Spirit of God, spoke directly to me, to me a mere man, not because I am any more holy than anyone else, but because God knew as I stood there weeping over these babies that never again could I say, “I know it is wrong, but it is the woman’s body.” That scene and those words spoken to me that day are just as real to me today as it was over 16 years ago.
When the Supreme Court Justices gave their approval to a bill allowing partial birth abortion it was as great of an atrocity as known to man in all of history, for this reason I say, “America as a nation is one of the biggest instigators of terrorism.” If you will go to the website and read the true facts about partial birth abortion then you may know the real truth of this atrocity, and you will begin to understand how evil civilized man has become in this once, God fearing Christian nation. If that isn’t enough to convince you, do a Google search and type Partial Birth Abortion, click on images and you will see gruesome, horrible pictures, which may make you sick to your stomach in just seconds. These Pictures are of completely innocent, little lives never given the chance to be born; thus says God Almighty, “This is life at conception.”
If you think that it can’t get any worse; well, think again… Now in America, sadly even in a supposedly Christian hospital, you can even place a new born in a linen closet, cover the baby with linen and walk away to return a hour or so later to recover the lifeless body of the baby… GOD HAVE MERCY! HAVE WE GONE CRAZY? This was nothing less than out and out cold blooded murder, yet nothing’s ever done to the hospital or to those involved in the murder of this child. This has certainly proved to me that there is no end to the depth of evil that America and man can reach… This is because of their greed to the selfishness for their time and money. There will be unimaginable horror awaiting those who have allowed this, sponsored this, supported this and performed these atrocities upon these precious, innocent babies; unless they sincerely repent of this abomination against God and these babies. Although, remembering God is merciful, there still remain consequences for all sin.
Do you still think that America is a Christian nation? Yes, we were a Christian nation, but that was a long, long time ago… I have told many that America is just as evil as any other nation or evil dictator in all of history. That statement certainly raises a lot of anger, but as I usually say, “The truth hurts” Or “You should open your eyes and ears as to what is happening in America.” If there is no obedience to God’s Word, than there is no true genuine relationship with Him…and sadly ignorance can, will and truly does flourish here in America.
One thing that you will learn in the reading of the Bible is that Satan has a great interest in killing babies. The Canaanites sacrificed their babies to their false gods… The Pharaoh of Egypt and King Herod ordered the 1st born Jewish baby boys to be killed… Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Saddam Hussein to name just a few, have certainly killed their share of babies and God brought every one of these men and nations down and America will most likely be the next nation brought down.
America is now allowing the secular television networks and the internet to pipe pornography directly into our homes. And now the sin of homosexuality, which once was despised and rejected by main stream America, is now flaunted in the open on our public streets and on the television in front of our families. I can just imagine how those who push this filth and the ones who entertain themselves with this filth cried out, “May God have mercy,” and, or “May God bless America” when America was attacked on 9-11... God will not bless a nation that has fallen to the depth of such great sin against His Word.
The secular television networks, newspaper agencies and media at large continue to speak or write lies and push their unrighteous agendas upon us. To great sorrow, the general population being deceived, absorbs and indulges these great lies, thereby believing that they themselves set the standards to which they should live by.

Israel was the instrument that God had chosen to draw all nations to Him… But, Israel’s worship of false gods and seeking to fulfill their own evil desires brought disastrous consequences… When the Israelites would repent and turn back to God, He would forgive their sins and heal their nation… and His blessings would flow once again, but this falling away and returning to Him happened seven times as written in the book of Judges. When the Jewish people refused to accept Jesus as their Messiah, God opened the way for all to come to know Jesus through the body of the church…God made several covenants with the Israelites and those promised covenants will be fulfilled in due time.
The Bible tell us that God is the Creator of all things, that which is above the earth, that which is on the earth and that which is below the earth. Even the very breath in our lungs belongs to God… He holds the very beat of our hearts in His hands.

THE HOLY SPIRIT spoke to me on the night of Jan. 20, 1997 as I was praying, “I will pay America back double for her iniquity.” Just that morning in the USA Today I’d read an article on abortion, which stated that it was estimated that America had performed over 26 million abortions since the passing of Roe vs. Wade… it will be double all our iniquity, yes, double the numbers of those who have even died through aids, murder, and drug abuse, this was what was revealed to me that night..
Now maybe you still don’t believe all of this, for the pleasures of sin is a great enticement; but please, continue to read the rest of this letter and I pray that God may open your eyes and ears to the real truth of His ways.

When I came to La Grange, IL in April, 2000 I started attending La Grange Christian Assembly Church (LCA) and telling the men of the church how I was led to the prophecies, which God had revealed to Pastor Dumitru Duduman. I also told them how this was confirmed to me through a vision of a pastor in Glen Avon, Ca. telling me that, “If you are in Sodom or Gomorrah when God allows them to be destroyed you will be taken up in the blink of an eye.” There was a second confirmation of a Christian brother’s revelation regarding Revelation 15 thru 18, the fall of the Mystery Babylon.

After I read the email of the vision a pastor at LCA had of the destruction of America, I started praying that God would give me something to speak to someone at LCA, so that they would believe what I was saying about the prophecies that reveal the coming destruction of America. ( In 2001 I met a young couple at LCA, Tom & Trina; Trina graduated with Lisa, my niece at Pike Central High School in Pike County, Indiana.
I think it was December, 2003; I was standing in the foyer just after the church service… I saw Trina crossing the foyer; she raised her hand to catch my attention. I immediately jump forward with both hands raised so as to stop Trina, and then pointing at her I shouted, “No! Don’t tell me! You’re pregnant with a little girl!” Trina stopped about ten feet from me and couldn’t speak for 5-10 seconds… Trina than says, “I don’t know about a little girl, but I have been to the doctor this pass week and he says I am pregnant.” I said, “The Holy Spirit says, ‘You’re pregnant with a little girl’.” Tom saw the hand motions but he didn’t hear what was said, so he walks up laughing and says, “So, what’s up?” We tell Tom what had just happen and still laughing he says, “Well, you have a 50/50 chance of getting it right!” I reached up and tapped Tom on the shoulder and said, “Tom, I told Trina she was pregnant, she didn’t tell me, and The Holy Spirit never lies!”
Two or three weeks later I was walking out to the parking lot with Nick, I elbowed Nick and said. “Nick, are you and Molly trying to get pregnant?” Nick replies, “Yeah! We’re been trying to.” I said, “Well, Molly is pregnant with a little boy!” Nick jumps back and screams, “What, what did you say?” Totally blown away that I had said this, I said, “I guess Molly is pregnant with a little boy!” Nick screams, “Well this is the first I have heard of this!” I said, “This is the first I have heard this too.” Two or three weeks later Nick tells me that the Doctor says Molly is pregnant. I said, “I know, The Holy Spirit told us.”
Four or five month later I caught Nick in the foyer and I asked him if they asked the doctor what the baby was? Nick said, “No, we want it to be a surprise.” Laughing, I said it wasn’t going to be much of a surprise. Nick said, “Molly is certain it is a girl, her Mother is certain it is a girl, my Mother is certain it is a girl.” I said, “Nick, The Holy Spirit says, ‘It’s a boy,’ and The Holy Spirit never lies.”
Maybe five or six months after the last encounter with Trina, I am standing in the foyer once again; I see Trina coming across the foyer towards me. She raises her hand to catch my attention and again I jumped out with my hands raised as to stop her, and I shouted, “No! Don’t tell me, you have been to the doctor this week and he told you it’s a girl, right?” Trina had stopped maybe ten feet from me with this big beautiful smile and said, “That’s right!” I said, “I told you, The Holy Spirit never lies!”
It was just a month or so before the birth of their first child when Nick comes up to me in the sanctuary and say, “We couldn’t wait any longer; the doctor says it’s a boy.” I said, “I told you, The Holy Spirit never lies.”
I have told many times how my wife, Linda was pregnant with our first child and when we went to my In-Laws to tell them of their first grandchild, my Mother-in-law said, “I believe this is going to be a little girl.” I said, “No, it will be a boy and he will weigh 7lbs. 8oz. and be 21 inches long…" (Brian at birth was 7lbs. 8oz. and 21 inches long.) For our second child my Mother-in-law spoke out, “I think this will be a little brother for Brian.” I replied, “No, it will be a little sister and she will weigh less than 6 lbs.” (Michelle at birth was 5lbs. 9oz.)
There is also a pregnancy message spoken to a lady dear to my heart, this message was spoken out four and half months before her daughter became pregnant. The daughter and her husband had been trying to get pregnant for several years, and three different doctors couldn’t find anything wrong that would keep them from getting pregnant. How could anyone have ever spoken the facts to all of these pregnancies and births, but that it came only from The Holy Spirit of God! Just as these messages were not guesses, so everything that I have stated that was given to me from God or The Holy Spirit has came true except for the prophecies of the final attacks for America, which I was led to.
God the Father of our Lord and Savior, Jesus, knows what I have said on my website, and what I have written in my newsletters is all true.
God has given these messages to speak out so that others would believe and then those who believe in Him, should listen to these warnings for America; and that they would then go out to share these warnings in hope that many more would turn to God and repent of their sins, accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and so be saved from the destruction, which is coming for America.

There are many who attend Sunday services, they set listening to the messages, but in their hearts they do not believe the message of salvation or the miracles God has done to bring many others to faith. Why do they not believe? Because their own prayers are not being answered; But in truth, they themselves are not seeking righteousness in their lives. Or maybe they think they don’t need to be in church to worship but maybe 3 or 4 times a year. The church is referred to as the body of Christ, Jesus is the head of the church and its members or attendees make up the individual parts of the body. It can be explained this way; can the hand or foot live without the arm or leg? These people have a form of godliness but they lack true faith.
The divorce rate in those who claim to be Christians is sadly, approximately the same as the divorce rate among the non-Christians. I have heard many a Christian claim, “Well, God certainly wants me to be happy.” I tell them, “No, God wants and values your obedience far above your wants, your happiness, or even your own good health.” Let us remember, Jesus said, “Not My will Father, but Yours be done.” There are very few who want to be obedient to God’s Word when it comes to the marriage and divorce issues.
Un-forgiveness in a Christian leaves hurt and hardness of the heart in that Christian, whether they will admit it or not, hurting people, be it Christian or non Christian will then go on to hurt and, or offend others, both strangers and loved ones as well, and usually, not necessarily hurting the one they want to hurt. Jesus said, “If you will not forgive your brother then the Father, Who is in Heaven will not forgive you.” Everyone should read or reread Matthew 18:21-35. Remember, God wants obedience to His Word.
It is said in the Bible that those who don’t give the tithe to the church are robbing God of what is owed to Him. Remember, God owns all of creation, the earth, and all that is above, and below. Abram, who would later become Abraham, establish the 10% tithe with The High Priest Melchizedek (Genesis 14:18-20) before the Old Covenant was establish between God and Abram. Many have asked me if this isn’t placing a yoke upon the Christian that he may not be able to bare… This would be almost funny, if it wasn’t so sad. My guess is the reason that better then 90% of those who say they can’t afford the 10% tithe is because they have placed the yoke on their own shoulders as they go out buying the house they can’t afford and they also buy all the extras; such as the nicest furniture and cloths, new car, pickup, motorcycle, big screen TV, plus they are constantly eating out and take vacations… Why? Because they say, “I deserve the best!” Or, “God wants me to be happy.” If we have a genuine faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior then we should show it by being obedient to His commands.
America is a nation of covenant breakers; accepting no responsibility for their actions, with their word or promises no longer meaning anything. Most Americans have their own idea as to the pathway to God, or Heaven. Many have accepted alternate lifestyles and they usually will say that there are no absolute truths in this life. But the Bible clearly states that there are absolute truths and that God is the Author of these truths. The Bible clearly states there is only one way to heaven, which is through Jesus Christ and all other roads lead to an eternity in Hell.
Why is God revealing these things to me? Maybe because I am most always praying that God would help me to be more sensitive to The Holy Spirit, both to His voice and His very presence within me. God has made it very clear to me that He is serious about His judgment for America.
It has been over fourteen years since I was led to the prophecy, “Through The Fire Without Burning,” which reveals a nuclear holocaust for America; but this is more proof to God being merciful, full of compassion, not wanting that any should perish.
I was telling a man these prophecies one evening when he started screaming, “Why would God allow this to happen to America? We are the most blessed nation in all of man’ history; we have blessed more third world countries then any other nation has ever done.” I said, “I don’t doubt that, but as a Christian you should know that no man is saved by good works and certainly no nation will be saved by good works.” The man then replied, “We have done far more good then bad.” I asked, “Do you really believe that?” And of course he replied that he did. I said, “Then picture yourself standing before God on judgment day and before the 48 million babies we have slaughter through abortion and you making that statement. The Bible makes it very clear that the good works we do will never out weighs the bad." Just as Adam’s sin is a collective sin passed down to all, so are the sins of this nation, collective and passed down to all in America. Those of us covered by Jesus’ Grace will be saved by His Love.

There are many who still cling to the theory of evolution and thus having no basis for a moral life they will not listen when told that there is not one thread of evidence to backup the theories of evolution. You should read the Scientific Facts Found Within The Bible.
Today the topic of numerous articles and television specials, and selling more than 30 million hard copies in less than three years, The Da Vinci Code has become an international success. It has now been made into a movie and it will be a bigger deception destroying many lives. Believing in these lies will give millions of individuals an excuse to continue to live their life as they so desire, not believing in the truth of God’s Word. For the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God’s sight. 1Cor. 3:19
I Believe the greatest deception in America today is Satan’s deception over the luke-warm Christian and the non-Christian who are just strolling down the road of life thinking that they are to good to be damned, thinking they have everything just right or that they are about to get everything their hearts desires. Or maybe they are thinking, “We have plenty of time to seek God later in our life.” I have told many non-Christians, “God speaks about you in the Bible; you should read what He says about you.
You will be ever hearing but never understanding; you will be ever seeing but never perceiving. For this people’s heart has become calloused; Matthew 13:14-15
God, the Father of our Lord Jesus knows that I have spoken the truth in all that I have written here. And to speak lies about The Holy Spirit speaking to me would be blasphemy against Him and that I will not do. I believe the reason I can see this so well now is that I too failed God in everyway possible, but God in His infinite wisdom knew my heart when I stood to confess my sin, instead of denying or running from my sin when it became known.
I have spoken these messages all across the United States… Since April 2000 I have been limited to all of the Midwest and East Coast. I have been rebuked and cursed, I have been called a anti-Christ, (not the anti-Christ), a right wing Christian radical and I have been threatened with being fired by my employer more times than I can remember for speaking these messages and handing out my newsletters and Christian tracts to the businesses which we serve. But God has blessed me hundreds of times saving my life and others from accidents in just a heartbeat, with warnings… God has kept His hand of protection upon me. I know, I most certainly do not deserve His hand of protection, but He is always there and He will be there for you, if you repent of yours sins and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior.
There will be no mercy for those who have refused to obey what God has spoken in His Word, when it comes to judgment before God, ignorance will not be an excuse. I read two years ago in the Today’s Pentecostal Evangel magazine that of all those in America who confess to being a Christian, less then 2% of those have ever read through the Bible, nor do they know the real meaning of obedience.
I agree the Bible is not easy to read, (My eyes were opened to the truth of God’s Word using the Bible study through Bible Pathway Ministry especially for someone who is as hardheaded and stubborn as I had been. But the wisdom that God gives is true wisdom, which leads to eternal life. He gives His Holy Spirit to aid us in understanding His Word. God asks us to have the faith of a child, so that we will believe the miracles written in the Bible and this should lead us to obedience to His Word.
Try typing "Prophecy and America” on a Google search engine and you will get a million hits… There are several out there speaking warnings of a destruction for America. As it is written throughout the Bible, He has never failed to give warnings before He brings on or allowed the destruction of a people or nation… America, open your eyes to see and your ears to hear these warnings… America has been judge and America will most certainly burn from the East to the West.
Several have accused me of claiming to be a prophet when I mention the pregnancies that I had spoken of, but I quickly reply that they were not listening to what I had said. True, the words came from my lips, but I also was just as shocked that I had spoken these messages, as were the ones I spoke them to. When God speaks to a Prophet, He tells them to go and prophesize to someone. I haven’t been told this, but God, through His Holy Spirit did speak to me, leading me to the prophecies given to Pastor Duduman and I have witnesses to this event. And the Holy Spirit is the One who had spoken the pregnancies through my lips.
A false prophet can not and will not confess Jesus Christ as being his Lord and Savior. Therefore, I have no doubt of the faith of the late Pastor Duduman and that of his Grandson Michael Boldea. The worldly, and sadly most Christian don’t understand what The Holy Spirit is capable of doing. There is nothing impossible for God… other than; He can not go against His own nature or character.

FAITH is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Many will call this blind faith, but I think that those who say God will not let this judgment fall on America are the ones who are blind; just as the Israelites who would not believe the warnings God was giving them as written in the book of Judges… Americans are seeking their false gods, but today they are in the forms of sports heroes, fast or fancy cars, trucks or motorcycles or just anything that will draw that person away from worshiping the One True God and fellowship with other Christians. They believed in God, but they were not seeking and trusting God for their daily survival, they had their false idols for that.
If there is no evidence that can be seen in the Christian’s life that he is a Christian, then there is something most defiantly wrong in his relationship with Jesus.

THE HOLY SPIRIT sent me to a youth group to speak a message of forgiveness to a young lady who had an abortion 15 years earlier, and I have also shared this message with two others that I know of, who have had an abortion. There are consequences for all sin; some, maybe not as severe as what we think they should be, but God says, “Vengeance is Mine.” No matter what you have done in the past, if you are sincerely repentant of your sins and you believe that Jesus died for your sins and you have accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior then God has forgiven you and you are a new creation in Christ Jesus.

America, the greatest nation in all of history, no other nation has had a beginning such as us. A nation based solely on Christianity, but now we boast that there is no one greater, a nation which has turned away from the One Who made her great. America is a nation with an overwhelming number of individuals, who refuse to accept responsibility for their own actions; and with the selfish and arrogant attitude of, “Me first and to ____ with everyone else.” We live in a society where many will say, “Just because something is truth to you doesn’t mean that it’s truth to me.” And “Hey, let’s be tolerant of everybody’s idea of truth, as everything is just relevant, nothing is absolute.” It is a shame that very few will look at the sins of this nation as God looks at sin. The majority denies the truth and believes the lies as being the truth.
We have taught and sent out great ministers and missionaries all over the world, but our righteousness is as filthy as rags; our land is covered with the innocent blood of approximately 50 million babies through abortion and God will use those in the heathen nations to cleanse this land through a nuclear holocaust; for no man nor nation will be saved by their own righteousness.
God’s Word is the absolute truth that we should use to guide our lives. Jesus spoke to Pilate saying, “You are right in saying I am a King. In fact, for this reason I was born, and for this I came into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone on the side of truth listens to me.” John 18:37 NIV Jesus came to this world not to save the world, but to save man from the destruction of the world; He came to testify to the truth of what is written in the Old Testament and to fulfill the prophesies spoken of His coming to save man from his sins and from his eternal separation from God.
Instead of cursing our leaders the Bible says, we should pray for them, that they may be godly leaders; who will seek God’s guidance and wisdom. Satan knows that when marriages can be destroyed, whether it is with pride, greed, immoral sexual behavior or un-forgiveness, it eventually will destroy the very foundation of the Christian morals upon which this nation was built.
The night is almost over, the new dawn is at hand and the trumpet will soon be heard. The dead in Christ will rise first and we which are alive in Christ, will then rise to gather together to meet the Lord. HALLELUJAH!!! Are you ready? Are your friends and loved ones ready?
Read the prophecies that tell of the fall of America at In the book I have written I tell how a student, (who I was training to be an over-the-road truck driver), wakes up screaming we have to read Revelation 15 and what happen after he reads chapters 15 thru 18, which confirms America as being the Mystery Babylon.
All of humanity has a hand in Jesus death and if you read the Bible you would understand this and you would know that those who bless Israel will be blessed; and those who curse Israel will be cures. Jesus was born to a Jewish Mother and raised in a Jewish family. Funny how the world will listen to the lies and they call them the truth. Watch closely and you will soon see America removed and Israel left to stand alone against the world.
If this newsletter has touched your heart, please pass it along to a friend.

One last thing you might ask yourself… Why would anyone subject himself to criticism and persecution by making such bizarre statements, such as I’ve made in this letter, if they were not true? God is my witness to the truth of what I have written here and if you choose to ignore these warnings, it is your choice… May God deal with each of us accordingly!

May God Bless You, In His Service,