Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pres. Obama's First 100 Days

America, there are consequences for our sins; for our pride and arrogance in thinking that we are a righteous people; for the worshiping of false idols; for allowing the detestable practices of homosexuality and for having created a society where the most dangerous area in America is in the Mother's womb, causing the death of the millions that America has murdered through abortion and now having elected a President, who has said that he wouldn't want to punish his daughters with a baby, should they make a mistake; and also siding with those who would pressure Israel to give up more of their land. This will be a curse upon America... God had said to Abraham some 5000 years ago that, "I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse;" This is a promise from God and it still holds true for today...

As You had spoken to me through the Holy Spirit on Jan. 21, 1997, “I will pay America back double for her iniquities,” this will be the justice that America deserves, for our sins has reach the Holy One, Who sits high above the circle of the earth.

Having passed and allowing the bills for abortions is a collective sin upon all Americans. God is not only a Loving, Forgiving, Merciful, Righteous and Holy God, but He also is a God of Justice.... A Holy God cannot be holy unless He judges the sins of not only the individual, but also the sins of a nation.

America: We are now getting just a small part of what we deserve... and there is a lot more coming our way, most likely in a devastating earthquake and the second major terrorist attacks; which looks most likely to be Southern California and two areas on the upper East Coast. The third major attack will most likely be a fire storm from the East Coast to the West Coast in the form of a nuclear attack. Read the prophecies for America at and read the RFC Newsletter #101 in my Archive.

The acceptance of JESUS CHRIST as your LORD and SAVIOR and the repenting of your sins is the only way to escape the coming doom for America.