Monday, February 1, 2010

A Call to Anguish

I first learned of Pastor David Wilkerson through his book titled Set the Trumpet to Thy Mouth; this was after receiving a e-mail in 2001 from another pastor who had also seen a vision of a nuclear attack for America that God had revealed to him in 1986. God has never failed to warn man of a coming destruction of a people or nation before allowing this destruction to happen. In April 1994 God led me to the prophecy Through The Fire Without Burning given to Pastor Dumitru Duduman, which reveals a nuclear attack for America. One man led by the Holy Spirit prophetically will speak in a unique way of the message given him, while another man will speak in another distinct way after being led by the Holy Spirit. The Prophet Jeremiah was in great anguish, crying out to his countrymen in Judah for their failure to obey God's Word and for their idolatry, worshiping false gods, which sometimes even involved sacrificing their children to foreign gods. Led by the Spirit of God, Jeremiah warned the nation of Judah that there was a disaster coming. With his urging for the nation to submit to the enemy's request, Jeremiah was branded by King Zedekiah and most of his countrymen as a traitor. In reality Jeremiah was a true patriot; a man who loved his nation and his countrymen, but he hated their sin; a man who would risk not only his popularity but also his life to speak God's warnings. King Zedekiah and most of the population foolishly chose not to believe God's warnings that were spoken to them through Jeremiah. Thus, only one third of the population survived the invasion to be carried off to captivity. There is very little sorrow or anguish of the heart in America today for the direction America has turned. There has been many great men of God, such as David Wilkerson, John Hagee, Pat Robertson, Billy Graham and the late Pastors Dumitru Duduman and Adrian Rogers who for thirty years or more have spoken God's warnings for a coming destruction of America because of it's grievous sins against God's Word. Men who have and men who will continue to stand on the promises of a Holy and Righteous God, who is also just and true to His Word as He has always been throughout the ages. I am one who will also speak of unrighteous acts against God's Word, though certainly not near as eloquently as these great pastors have, but faithfully none the less. I have wept many a tear over what He has revealed to me and for my failure to communicate this in a way to convince the non-believer. The vast majority of the population fails to believe that God is the Creator of the universe and of all life as the Bible tell us. I will continue to stand firm in saying that those who are so foolish not to believe God's Word and warnings of the disasters for America will most likely see what He has decreed for this nation to come true, just as King Zedekiah saw the destruction of the Kingdom of Judah over two thousand years ago. Summary: Each of us have failed God in one way or another, but in God's great mercy we are forgiven of the mistakes we have made, when in deep sorrow and humility we cry out confessing our sins and asking Jesus to come into our hearts and lives, making Him the Ruler of our life, the Author and Finisher of our faith then we are cleansed of our sins and iniquities by the blood of Christ. If you are a non-believer and you wish to know the truth of God’s warnings, please fine a Bible believing Christian church to attend. Please understand that there is no perfect church out there, if there ever was one, man has destroyed that perfection the minute he stepped across its threshold. I also suggest that with the Bible Pathway Ministry (Google) study guide that you would get serious about study the Bible. I hope and pray that you will come to understand that Jesus Christ is the only hope for this world, before it is too late. If you are a Christian and the words of Pastor Wilkerson in this video does not overwhelm you or you have no tears over this message, than I assure you... You need to revisit the CROSS!