Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Israel's Security, Resolution 242 (1967)

Until the lost learns the truth of God's WORD, he will have no true peace. His pride and contempt for others reveals the true condition of his heart, which has been hardened towards all others that fail to see things as he see them. He will never know the joys of living a life for the One that gave him life. He will never understand nor will he perceive that which is "Spiritual and Holy" in a world that is filled with hate at every turn. He will never experience the forgiveness and cleansing of his soul from his past sins, which can only come through the precious Blood of Christ Jesus.
Confessing his sins and accepting Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior can open up a whole new beginning for not only him, but for all of those who are within his influence.

God used the Old Testament Prophets to warn the Israelites of His judgment for their disobedience's of worshipping false gods. God's judgments for the destruction of His Temple, Jerusalem and the nation of Israel were then fulfilled per His divine plan. The only reason the Jewish people have been allowed to suffer the persecution that they have is as a direct result of their disobedience to God and the consequences thus brought about. The world cannot see the spiritual significance or truth of this situation without the help of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, the disproportionate amount of aggression towards the nation of Israel and the Jewish people seems to be natural when viewed through such a discolored filter of deceit. Sadly, the vast majority of those in the world will believe the lies told about the Jews instead of realizing the significance Israel holds in terms of God's eternal plan for mankind.

God has given us Biblical prophecies for the nation of Israel and they have been sequentially fulfilled according to His Word throughout the years. This is even more remarkable as by sequential it means that before one prophecy can be fulfilled there must be previous prophecies fulfilled as in a series of steps. One prophecy that has major implications is that as so goes Israel, so goes the world. Those nations that bless and support Israel will be blessed by God and prosper accordingly. Those nations that stand against Israel will not stand and will be judged for their actions accordingly. In other words, bless Israel and be blessed, curse Israel and be cursed. It is as simple as that due to God's eternal covenant with the nation of Israel. If the nation of Israel and the Jewish people weren't so significant to God and His eternal plan, why else would there be such hatred and aggression towards them. We must remember that to Satan it is paramount to his agenda to come against God's people. This is the core issue between the eternal struggle of good and evil. Yet, we now have available to us God's saving Grace through the salvation offered by Jesus Christ to us as lost sinners. We can then be adopted into the family of God, even though this was first offered to the Jewish nation. This means once we have been Born Again and Christ has come into our lives, our hearts and our souls that we become children of Abraham, the father of the Jewish nation.
How can we then have any thing but love and hope in our hearts for the nation of Israel? God commands us to pray for the "peace of Israel." If God has not forgotten His covenant with the nation of Israel and the promises therein, how can we not honor His wishes regarding this matter?