Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The White Side of Black America ~ Bruce's Commentary:

Buchanan's statement's regarding race issues in America are highly open to criticism and invoke strong feelings and reactions. The one question of importance is how long is white America supposed to be held accountable for the actions of SOME of our ancestors. This mind set caused a riff in the heart and soul of our nation. A civil war was fought and numerous lives lost over this conflict. We can ask the question of how this impacted our nation. How would the lives sacrificed for this cause have changed the history of this country if allowed to be lived to a natural, not violent end. How would the descendants of those slain for this cause have impacted this nation. This issue of slavery and the repression of black America is so vast and sadly ongoing, that it can be compared to a snowball rolling down a mountain, that it's totality will probably never be totally understood.

We can either continue to live in the place of an unforgiving mind set or choose to grow and push forward. We now have had enough generations come into being to have at least gained some perspective on these issues. Do we continue to pass on our hatred, anger and unforgiveness to our children or we can give them a legacy of faith, hope and love to build upon. Sadly, this is not just an issue that has only affected America, but every nation on this planet. It is birthed out of the fallen heart of man and our sinful nature. If we look at the history of this country we also see prejudice and mistreatment has been directed towards every nationality to have come into this country. The Irish, Italian, Oriental, Jewish, as well as other nationalities have all come under intolerance and prejudice of some form. Not just nationality, but social, economical, religious and other issues have come into play as well. It is one of the sad facts we as not just a nation, but as human beings created in the image of a Holy and Loving God must deal with and try with all of our might to move forward from. We can either live in anger, fear and denial or we can have a heart of forgiveness and encouragement for each other. We can either try to put the blame on others, whether justifiable or not or we can take accountability for our current condition and try to grow and proceed with goodwill towards each other from this time on.

There will always be unrighteousness perpetuated towards others from a percentage of the population until the return of Jesus Christ finally remedies this situation. Those who are Christian, I mean the godly Christian, do not look at life in the same way as the world does. We are to view things from an eternal perspective and live our lives for the Glory of God.