Friday, June 1, 2012

Unrighteous Leaders

An Evangelical Christian who strives to be the man that God wants me to be and who is far from being perfect. As God desires of all those who call upon His name, I am required to share what God reveals to me, so that others may hear the truth. I am also required to pray for those who are in authority over me.

I thoroughly believe that Barack Hussein Obama II was God's chosen man to be president because this is the man that Americans deserves at this time. God in His wisdom, as His plan unfolds, chooses both the righteous and unrighteous to be in positions of authority. Of course this is dependant upon the situation and hearts and attitudes of the people. America has become a nation with many who harbor bitter envy and selfish ambition in their hearts, they even boast about it or they will deny the truth when the evidence reveals their motives for this unrighteous behavior.
A great many Americans, not only just our leaders, have become prideful and arrogant thinking that there is no nation to rival ours. In their vanity believing that their wisdom, which was all due to their own initiative, has made America great. They have no Fear of the LORD, they may say they believe in God, they may read a Bible, they may even listen to a sermon, but there are virtually no changes or good fruit in their lives to prove there is a belief in Sovereign God.

God is the giver of life, the giver of all good things in life, from wisdom, to understanding. As Christians we should not just choose that which pleases us. We should weigh our thoughts, needs and desires with godly wisdom, so that we would not be found sinning against a Holy and Righteous God.
As a Christian I am called to pray for Pres. Obama and all others in leadership that their hearts may be softened and turned to the One and only True God of all Creation, the God that brought His children out of bondage from the land of Egypt, that they may be the ones to introduce the One True God to all nations. The Israelites failed their commission, to go into all the world to proclaim liberty and freedom from the bondage of sin throughout the land to all its inhabitants; so now God has raised up the Christian church to share His Word with the world.

Woe, to the unrighteous nations, for God judges the corruptible judges and leaders; both in governments and in churches for their iniquities more severely, than that of the people of the nations.

As revealed many times in the Bible, God used several unrighteous leaders in Israel, to draw the hearts of man back to a Holy and Righteous God Who desires only the best for those that seek Him.

If man fails to listen to the truth, will he be held accountable for his actions? Yes! And ignorance of God's moral laws will not be an excuse on Judgement Day.

The second part to this post, titled; Unrighteous Leaders ~ America, should be posted in a day or two.