Saturday, September 29, 2012

This Is Their Peace

I wonder who prevented this from being reported in the US? These are pictures not shown on American TV or in American Newspapers, but were forwarded by a Canadian friend who thought all Americans ought to know the truth!

These pictures are of Muslims marching through the STREETS OF LONDON during their recent 'Religion of Peace Demonstration.'

Why would anyone think that we should be at war with such nice, peaceful Muslims? I wonder, will it take seeing heads rolling down our streets before Americans understand that the Muslim religion is built upon hate, murder, destruction and oppression.
These pictures tell it all! Muslims have stated that England will be the next country they take over!

Maybe you still are not convinced as to what America's future will be with the appeasement of the Muslims. I beg of you to please continue reading and learn the truth about the ways of Islam.

The following was found at this link....

The reality of Islam in all its hatred can be seen in Afghanistan, the Maldives, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Yemen, and a few other nations, where converts from Islam face the death penalty. In Somalia, the Sunni Islamic fanatics called the Al-Shabaab (Al-Shabab) have once more killed a convert to Christianity and in true style the soldiers of Islam held down a Christian lady and slit her throat in front of many villagers. This hatred is clearly based on the teachings of Mohammad because he supported killing apostates and the ongoing Islamic inquisition continues in nations like Somalia. Sunni Islamists slit the throat of a Christian mother in Somalia on January 7th in 2011; the holy warriors of Islam captured a Christian mother of four and slaughtered her in front of many villagers in Warbhigly in Somalia.

In true Islamic justice an innocent convert to Christianity was killed in cold blood and bystanders were forced to watch while her throat was being cut. Her death, like so many other Christian martyrs in Somalia, is a witness to the reality of Islamic Sharia law and the brutal teachings of Mohammad. Therefore, the Islamic inquisition is in full swing in Somalia and Christians are being hunted down and killed.