Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Iran is a terrorist state committed to Islamic revolution worldwide ... including the streets of America. In fact, Iran’s fanatical President Amadinejad followed his radical Islamic teachings when in May 2006 he sent a letter to President George W. Bush offering to allow his enemy to convert to Islam or suffer merciless attacks on America!

Dr. Mike Evans, President of The Jerusalem Prayer Team, is convinced that Iran will be able to launch nuclear attacks within the next twelve months … unless Americans unite and insist that our president and the Liberal Left appeasement politicians stand up to Iran’s president and supreme leader.

The war in the Middle East may ultimately be the battle for the soul of America. Today, we face an evil unlike any we have ever faced before. Vile words of twisted hatred spill from Islamic extremists of Iran, who preach an apocalyptic jihad or holy war against the great Satan, America, and radically call for the purging of Israel from the face of the earth.

Atomic Iran from Mike Evans on Vimeo.