Friday, December 4, 2009

Hands That Are Bloody

If you support a man, than you support his causes and if God see blood on his hands; than God see blood on the hands that supported him.

This video was sent to me and I was compelled to add a commit. I must honor God first above all, no matter what man will say against me.

My mind was made up about Barrack Obama when I first heard that he spoke against the Born Alive Bill in the Illinois Senate and it was again confirmed as to what kind of man this is when he said, "I would not want to see my daughters punished with a baby, should they make a mistake."
In my mind I heard Obama saying, "I would rather see my grandchild murdered than to see my daughters punished with a baby."

Many will scream that we are not to judge, but God makes this clear that we are to speak against all ungodliness, and so I shall.

The moral decline of this nation is clear to those who have not been blinded by the lust of this world. I hear many say that America is the only hope for this world, but they are just as mistaken as any who would talk so foolishly...

The only hope for this world is in CHRIST JESUS.