Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Palestinian Children

We are all rightfully concerned for the health and safety of the Palestinian children.
Man speaks of what he knows and understands, but if he does not understand spiritual things and if he has not heard the truth, then tell me, how can man rightfully judge others.

These are the images the secular news agencies shows the world:

The following pictures are the images the secular news agencies DON'T show...

And this is where President Obama wants to send millions of dollars to help them rebuild Gaza or is it maybe to rearm?

As these images make their way around the world Palestinians (Hamas) are making their way into our country through the "back door." Thanks to the government' refusal to protect our borders.

When the Palestinians have more love for their children in their hearts than hate for those who are of a different faith then might we see a difference in the faces of the Palestinian children.
Please help to show these pictures to the world and pray for the Palestinian children and peace for Israel.