Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Out to Lunch

I received this in an email yesterday.


Hector J. Benedi Hector J.


The United States Supreme Court has said that California must release approximately 40,000 of its prisoners within the next two years because of the over crowd conditions within the prison system.
So I guess the Supreme Court thinks California is mistreating or perhapses creating inhumane conditions in the housing of their prisoners with having more then one prisoner in one cell. Shucks, we certainly wouldn't want to be guilty of being inhumane, would we..? And this is from those that allow the slaughter of 1.4 million babies per year here in America through abortion.

Now, many may view me as being like the man in a row boat with only one oar, but I am not that crazy not to know that this decision will cost many heartaches... The Supreme Court Justices brains must have been out to lunch on this one... This must be one of the stupidest decisions the Supreme Court has ever made. This is just more evidence to backup my theory that there is virtually no Christian morals or common sense within the Washington DC area.