Sunday, October 2, 2011

Great Black Patriots; The Constitution & Slavery

9.1a) Great Black Patriots; black preachers at white churches

9.1b) reason for no history on black patriots

9.1c) Black hero of Bunker Hill

If you choose to neglect God's Truth, which is for the building of a godly life with moral Christian virtues leading to the understanding of that which is just and righteous, then you will most likely accept the dangerous lies the world offers for the gaining of it's riches and power.
The Day of Judgement will come quickly and on that day the riches and fame that have been gained in this life will have no value in your standing with the Judge. Only the acceptance of Christ Jesus as your Lord and Savior will gain you the riches of our Father in Heaven. And you will then have no one to blame but yourself if you have rejected the greatest gift, which is the grace that God has offered mankind through Christ Jesus.

At the end of the AGE of GRACE everyone will stand before the JUDGE of All CREATION and it will then all come down to this one question:

What did you do with Christ Jesus?

Will you be judged by what you say, or what you do? Or will you be judged through the saving grace offered through the atoning blood of Jesus Christ. I do hope and pray that you are wise enough to know the correct answer to this question. I don't want to be judged by my actions or works, which will be found wanting in the balance, no matter how good they are, but through the finished work of Christ Jesus. That is the one main difference of Christianity when compared to all other "religions", which state that heaven is only attainable through "good" works, i.e. "DO, DO, DO" versus the finished work of Christ, which is "DONE."

Saying you believe in Christ Jesus will not be enough, words alone aren't the evidence of true salvation. You must confess with your mouth and believe in your heart and this will lead to the proof seen through your actions after accepting Christ as your Lord and Savior. Did you LOVE unconditionally? Did you share the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ with those that were Lost. Did you Forgive those that were Unforgivable? These are questions that must be examined carefully in your heart.

It truly breaks my heart to see so many people who call themselves Christians and yet they are still blinded by the things of this world. If we are going to be honest with ourselves we should ask the question, "What would Jesus do?" If that doesn't open your eyes to the truth then, "You must return to the CROSS," to have your hardened heart softened by the LOVE of Christ. You are responsible for your own actions. Only you and you alone will be held accountable for your own actions, no one else can make this decision for you, not your spouse, your friends, your family, or your pastor.

One of biggest violations I see for many professing Christians today against God's WORD is this:
You are backing those that support the "Gay Rights and Abortion Agendas."
There really is no other way to say this but,
If you support those who have the blood of the most innocent of all life on their hands then that innocent blood is on your hands also. God's Word is clear on this issue, cursed is he who sheds innocent blood.

Your eternal destiny is at stake here, you really need to be honest and to ask yourself this:
Would Jesus support these people who back the Gay Rights and Abortion Agendas? Will Jesus receive unto Himself those that have this innocent blood on their hands? God's Word makes it very clear, positively not!
Unless they have turned away from this abomination, repented and have been cleansed by the blood of Christ Jesus there is no redemption available to them. But, those who continue to back the ones that support the homosexual and abortion agendas are standing in direct opposition to God's will regarding these sins; and there is no way that God will overlook this violation against His will .
And they shall hear Christ Jesus, the JUDGE say, "Depart from Me, I never knew you!"