Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mohammed's Dreams

This is the first of 5 videos that reveals the transformation of a young man's life and his love for his Father. The videos describe their journey out of the Muslim faith into an eternal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Man has searched the world over and even the heavens for the meaning of life. Yet as he stares into the eyes that look back at him from the mirror he fails to see the wonders of one of God's greatest creation. It is as if he is blind to the wonders of creation, for all of creation declares the Glory of God. And mankind is His greatest creation and He has breathed His Spirit into us and created us in His image.
The greatest evidence of the existence of God and His precious Son, Jesus is found within the pages of the Bible. Yet, when the Word of God is not available to us, it is also important to note that God, who is unchanging, still speaks to us through visions and in dreams as He did to the godly prophets of the past. God is good and compassionate towards us and it is His will that none should perish. Even in a nation where Christ is not honored as our Lord and Savior, God in His faithfulness jealously draws those to Himself who are truly seeking Him with an open heart. He will use whatever means and methods are necessary to accomplish this result. And the testimony shared by this young man Mohammed joyously demonstrates this to the Glory of God.