Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Right Man

Please take the time to view these videos and listen closely to what Lieutenant Colonel Allen West (US Army, Retired) is saying. These days there are very few in America that are willing to listen to the truth of our heritage from our forefathers as they built this once great God fearing nation.
It takes a man with integrity and morals such as Lt. Col. West to stand up to tell the truth and a wise man to determine the truth from the lies that are being birthed out of Washington these days.
I believe our forefathers were guided by God in forming the greatest form of government that man can manage as long as they keep their eyes on the Holy and Righteous One ….

Our government is a republican form of government which governs by the rule of law and not by a misguided majority. A majority, whose selfish and self serving wishes is to misaligned and radically pervert the rule of law to redistribute the wealth of those who do work, through taxation to give to those who do not contribute to society, but who still believe they are entitled to share the benefits of others hard work because of their race or socioeconomic status.
Yes, our government leaders has made many mistakes, they foolishly relied upon their own human reasoning instead of depending on God. Their actions make no sense to compound the mistakes with over taxation and over regulation in hopes that everything will work out in the end. With changes that are being made today actually destroying lives and capitalism, which is what helped to make this a great nation…. But this has been an ongoing cancer eating away at the morals of this nation for the past sixty years or more.… Our leaders have been making all kinds of promises, making and taking bribes, telling lies and perverting justice for the majorities’ vote to gain or maintain their prestige of being in control or in power.

When a nation makes a 180 degree turn to rejecting God as America has done, it’s easy to see that the leaders are driven by nothing but the greed for power and the love of money, seeking to fill their own bank accounts and with no real concern for their constituents. Given time, man has always failed when he removes God from all of his decision making…
May God forgive us for our ignorance in thinking that we know what is best, as to how to govern ourselves without His divine guidance.

Please, I will ask once again that you would listen to what a real man says, a man who holds no grudges against the America government for its past mistakes, a twenty-two year veteran, a man of honor, a real leader, a real America and a real patriotic that loves America, Lieutenant Colonel Allen West. BIOGRAPHY

If I though it was possible for me to kidnap this man and transplant him in Illinois I would certainly do so....