Saturday, January 2, 2010

This Is About Our Survival

Many will say that Islam is a peaceful religion, but the potential for violence is so great all through this religion.... to deny this, is denying what history has already taught us..

Christians must reach out with the Love of Christ, first to ask the Muslim to explain his faith and then ask his permission that you might explain the Christian faith to him... Love does not teach us to raise our children to hate those whose belief is different then ours, but it does compel us to speak with the Love of Christ revealing the truth of God's Word.
Love can overcome hate, but it must be done with great compassion.... Maybe not in a day or two, but with time LOVE can overcome hate, just as the Light overcomes darkness.

The Muslim is prepared to fight with the sword... The Christian must be prepared to fight with the WORD of GOD and the LOVE of CHRIST.

With all of this said you must realize to appease these people will only embolden them... We are fast approaching a war that will be unlike any that has ever been seen in all of man’s history... America is the worldly protector of Israel, but our leaders want to appease these people who wish to destroy Israel and America.
God will protect Israel in this coming war but He has made it very clear that He will not protect America, because America has turned her back to God.
The only hope for the individual in America now lies with Christ Jesus.